Some people that come to me for a reading have had many readings done before, others it's their first time but either way each person that comes to me has a range of emotions going on. Some feel anxious yet intrigued, others are excited and eager but everyone that I sit for is always hopeful. Hope is the one thing everyone wants to find, some openly say they are looking for hope and others say they are hoping for a message from a particular loved one, but each and every person is hopeful. So the one thing I want to say is that if you are aware of what you hope or desperately trying to find hope, you already have it! The very fact you are trying to 'find' hope shows you know it is there somewhere you just want direction to know how to feel it. Everytime I sit with someone I am reminded how truly blessed I am to be trusted with these individuals and the spirits of their loved ones and I take the responsibility of using tarot, oracle or mediumship very seriously to serve, be honest, true and give a meaningful helpful message that can offer support, motivation or sometimes to offer closure.

So what can you expect from a reading?

I offer distance readings, via email or skype and one to one or group readings in person for prices please get in touch via email. Group readings are priced differently depending on length of reading and number of guests, again get in touch if you have any queries. If you would like to book an event with myself or have any questions regarding readings then please email

For email readings you will be asked to provide a photo of yourself and your first name, that's it. I will then focus my energy on understanding what you want from the reading, do you want a message from a loved one? Is there a particular situation in your life you want some guidance on or whatever I feel you are wanting guidance on. Sometimes people are specific and send me a particular question they want answered and I will then focus my energy on asking spirit to use the cards and symbols to help understand what you need to know about this situation and very often there will be an answer and then focus on a deeper meaning of a situation. I will send you a photo of the cards along with a voice recording of your reading for you to listen to at your leisure and I find this has been a really good format for delivering the messages as you get to hear that it is a personal reading and not something generic and you can also sense the emotion of the reading as it happned a little better than if I were to just type it up. Recording the reading also gives me a chance to ask out loud anything that spirit offers me on the spot, this could be about a memory I am being given or a medical issue you may suffer with etc, and so when I'm in the moment it is much easier to stay with the flow and in the energy.

If you are in driving distance of me I am happy to travel and do one to one readings or even group readings(up to a maximum of 5 people at one time anything over that becomes a spiritual spectacular booking) or I can book you in to come to my home for a reading. For one to one readings and group readings I will often have picked up things either on my way to you or throughout the day before I sit with you, for example you have just had a filling in your back left tooth or you have a current injury in your shoulder. This happens 99% of the time and I will usually take notes before we even meet about things I have been given from spirit about you. The other 1% of the time if I don't pick up on anything before our meeting it is usually a sign that who I will be meeting is rather sceptical or particullarly nervous but with the help of spirit we will get some evidence when our energies are flowing sat together and you feel relaxed enough to open up a little. When we sit together I will allow myself to settle in to the energy around us and then we will have a very brief chat. I desperatly ask that you try really hard not to tell me too much about yourself and then you will choose either a tarot or oracle deck(sometimes both) that you are drawn to and we will pull some cards and see what the message is within the cards, this is usually when the connection with spirit becomes really strong and they start showing me what each card relates to and what you may need to know about certain things in your life and sometimes what may be just around the corner for you.

I am not here to predict deaths, to give out lottery numbers or convert anyone to believing anything so please don't ask unethical questions or feel you need to put a guard up, if you have reached out I believe you have had a nudge from spirit as their way of asking you to seek a message and so please trust me, trust spirit and most importantly trust yourself, this is the best way to enter a reading and get the most from it.

I am purely a messenger for spirit to offer help and advice or a message of love and support to those that need it. I adore all of the people I come in to contact with for spirit and each new person I meet inspires me also and I truly am blessed to be trusted with this and to help heal or inspire other beautiful souls.

*payments need to be made at least 48 hours in advance to the booking and if the reading is cancelled by you before 24 hours prior to the reading I will offer a full refund, within 24 hours of the reading the payment will be retained by me to cover any bookings that could have been made in its place. If for any reason I have to cancel the reading I will offer to rearrange or offer a full refund.