Everyone of us around the globe will have had or will continue to have symptoms of COVID-19. Whatever age. Even those that manage to overcome this symptom will have most certainly passed it on whilst they were showing the signs.

The symptom everyone will have or have had at some point in this time of crisis is fear.

I have heard from countless people, every day for the last week. People reaching out because they don't know how to deal with this new emotion they feel - anxiety.

Anxiety that comes from the stress and pressures of being a front-line worker with or without a family at home that they also have to care for.

Anxiety that comes from small business owners wondering if their lives will be forever changed when this passes and if the only viable long term solution is bankruptcy.

Anxiety that comes from being shut away alone with no one to self isolate with and wondering when this will all be over and worrying if your loved ones are ok.

Anxiety that comes from being a parent and hoping you are making the right decision in home-schooling or not home-schooling and if you are doing it right or adding confusion to an already muddled little persons mind.

Anxiety from fear for vulnerable loved ones we aren't allowed to see.

Most of the anxiety isn't a direct fear of the virus itself but it is a symptom we have all, to some degree suffered with in some form.

This symptom is just as contagious as COVID-19 itself. How we manage our fear and anxiety will directly impact how this symptom will spread through our family, friends and further. But I genuinely think the best thing to do is sit with your feelings and be honest.

Don't share posts that invoke a fear reaction on a social media site, but instead share your feelings with your family, your friends, keep in touch with those you love. Once you see you are not alone in your fears and anxiety it normalises you're emotional state, which in turn helps lift the burden a little. When we feel anxious and stress our minds have a funny way of exaggerating everything, and becoming 'worst case scenario' orientated. Then when we try to rationalise this we tell ourselves we are going crazy! This negative cycle spins and spins until the problem is fixed one way or another. But then our mind finds another thing to become fixated on with its negative spiral we found so strangely comforting and that is how anxiety can continue to be a lifelong, unwanted friend...so whilst there is no end-date in sight presently, reach out to everyone you love. Express your feelings and see that we really are all in this together. The whole world.

When you see that it will help you to see that your fears aren't misplaced, they are real and they are valid. You will also see that there are possibilities unheard of yet. There is light in the dark. Right now the worst has happened. The fear has spread. After the fear comes the hope. Hope for a resolve, hope for a best case scenario. Something to hold on to.

We are all in this together. You are not alone. There will be a positive resolve in the long run. Even if you have to journey through a storm first, the sun will shine again for you. Find the hope and hold on to it tightly.

Sending an abundance of love and light to you all ❤️💫