We all have them, some of us can remember lots of them quite vividly, some of us can only remember poignant, frightening or odd dreams and some of us simply don't recall any of their dreams.

I have always been very blessed to be able to recall the majority of dreams I have but only in recent years have I realised the power of dreams!

I can remember one dream I had when I was about 6 or 7 and yet I can't remember all of the dreams I have had in the last week. This is why a sleep journal is so important!

Dreams are a wonderful way of trying to manage and/or solve problems in our lives. We can be so busy in our daily routines of work, family, friends that we don't take the time to fully understand or figure out a situation that may be bothering us.

Another great thing about dreaming and, in my opinion, the best thing about dreams is that our loved ones in spirit and our spirit guides, the divine, the source or whatever you prefer to call your helpers in another realm can connect with you and give you messages, advice or comfort. Oftentimes they may appear with the face of someone else, like your grandmother may look like the queen of England or your uncle may appear as an actor that plays a similar role of your uncles personality, but you can feel that it's them and the words they speak are meaningful and profound.

For those that cannot recall any of their dreams I would suggest an experiment; each morning set your alarm 15 minutes earlier(the earlier the better) than you need to get up. When you wake take a moment to breathe calmly, waking calming, in no rush to start your day. Without thinking about the first thing you have to do to start your day, try to let your mind wonder, you are in no huge rush as you are awake earlier than you need to be, so just try to relax and see what is the first thing that pops in to your head, is it a person, a place, a memory? Now write it down. Whatever your mind led you to think about is what you dreamt about. I have always struggled to shut the memory of last nights dream out of my head the following day, someone or something I dreamt about floats around my head quite prominently for the duration of that day. Commit to doing this each day and you will be able to unlock your dreams.

Why can't I remember my dreams?

Oftentimes it's a subconscious fear that isn't allowing you to remember. May be you are fearful of getting "too deep" with situations and so would rather just deal with a situation as and when it happens. This is usually the case for those non dreamers that are matter of fact, straight talking, sometimes may come across a little harsh but honest. They don't want to remember their dreams because they don't want emotions clouding their judgement. (This will not be a conscious decision, the way they handle their daily life and how their mind and emotions have been trained to work throughout life is what causes their mind to switch of their dream memory)

Then there are those people that desperately want to remember their dreams but still can't. Two things to note here - when we try too hard for anything we push it further away. So instead stop telling the story of you being someone that never remembers their dreams. Before you go to bed at night journal your thoughts, whatever is on your mind. Then ensure you fall asleep without a screen playing something as this will not allow you to fall in to a deeper level of sleep. When you wake up try the exercise above, jotting down any and every thought, word, name, place that springs to mind.

Psychological trauma can be another reason why people can't remember their dreams. This is particularly noted in people that were able to dream before the trauma. Here your mind has gone in to protection mode. It's not 100% necessary and is caused by your conscious as a way of forgetting and ended the memories of the past. This was done by you, unknowingly to protect you. But I would hazard a guess that if you are here looking for ways to member your dreams then you are ready to open up that part of you now. You too can try the methods above, but be gentle with yourself and seek advice or help should you need it. Remember that dreams, however real they may feel, are just movies from our minds eye. When you wake up, you are safe, loved and happy now.

There are many common symbols in dreams. In the membership area I will be doing a video series to cover different meanings of dreams. Each dream has a message, even the most bizarre dreams! The trick to understanding what your dreams are trying to tell you is to take away the dramatics, the scary bits, the over the top bits and analyse everything separately.

For dream interpretations go to the Book Me page and select the 15 minute session and then I will be in touch.

Sending an abundance of love and light to you all, lovely dreamers