As we enter August there is often a sense of excitement but change. Obstacles, be it personally or globally, can appear to push the boundaries of our limitations. But it is this month when we have the power of 8! The infinite ability to persevere, find solutions and make the magic happen

At the start of this new month make a list of your top worries and how your mind has allowed that to escalate to worst case scenario. Now take a possible logical solution, then a solution that could appear impossible and take a huge amount of magic to happen.

Throughout the month, look for logical and magical solutions to every hurdle you come up against, you will see that by the time you get to September your worst fears for the future may have been eased or even solved completely.

8 is often assigned to the planet Mercury. Mercury being the planet of communication and logical thinking with sharp and quick decision making its number one traits.m, so use the fluidity of the 8 to effortlessly solve your problems with a rational and logical mind, then allow the magic to happen.

August is vibrant and energetic, but if you’re feeling burnt out, remember to slow the speed at which you tried so you don’t overwhelm and exhaust yourself, which will lead you to thinking irrationally and losing sight of your goal.

Leo is survival of the fittest, and we have all got it within us to be that courageous Lion that boldly steps forward embracing change and leaving the unnecessary behind. You are bold, you can do this and you have the power of the infinite 8 behind you.