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In these sessions my aim is to help you to help yourself by healing emotional and psychological scars that either still cause you distress today or seem to repeat themselves in your present life. This is one area of my work where I don't have a desire to make long-term clients. My goal with these sessions is to gently guide you to heal yourself, with my support and to help you to empower yourself to a point where I am no longer needed. I want to help people to realise that "Healing doesn't mean the damage never existed, it just means it no longer controls our lives."


Only via parent referal and after a relationship of trust has been built up during a free one hour session with the parent and the young person (13+ only). Please contact me for more details regarding this. If you would like to know if this is the right thing for your child my current group of children were brought to me after experiencing any and more of the following;

  • Lucid dreaming
  • Sleep paralysis
  • Repetitive nightmares
  • Vivid dreaming
  • Sensing 'strange' things

(Please note, I never push my beliefs on to anyone, especially not vunerable young people, I merely aim to detach fear and help them to regain control. I do not do tarot cards for any young person sent to me under the age of 16, however I may sometimes use Oracle cards that help to reiterate any guidance I may give and this is only done after parent permission)


You can either book a one to one reading, an email reading or a skype/zoom reading. This will last approximately 1.5-2 hours. Please see the What to expect from a reading page.


With the Spiritual Awakening Guidance package I will help to dispell any myths, help you find comfort from within yourself and learn to tune in to listen to your intuition to live a fuller, calmer and more intuitive driven life.

How to know if this is the package for you;

  • You long for a deeper connection, or a better understanding to those around you
  • You have been having lucid dreams, sleep paralysis and/or such vivid dreams you feel it's trying to tell you something
  • You feel an increased sense of intuion (gut instincts)
  • Increased sense of empathy
  • You're curiosity is peaked about the meaning of life, what happens when and after this life has ended
  • You're looking for answers (maybe unsure as to what answers or why)
  • You may have a feeling of being misled through life and what the purpose of life is
  • Gossip and day to day chit chat becomes shallow
  • You desire to be alone more
  • Thirst for truth
  • A desire to improve the world we live in
  • You become more sensitive and emotional
  • You feel connected to something you cannot explain

Spiritual awakening is different for everyone. Some people take to it really well and just start to live a more conscious life, but like I know all too well, lots of us can struggle with the feeling's, emotions and rollercoaster ride that can happen at the beginning of a spiritual awakening. The good news is, it doesn't last forever and it does get better....SOOOO much better! I have been helping people to understand what their dreams are trying to tell them and to find out who their spirit team is that wants to work with them to help guide them on their life journey. I will help you tune in to your personal intuitive radio so you can spot the signs being given to you and the nudges from within to live a life that feels meaningful, joyful and abundant. This is a 12 stage course that can be taken at your own pace. In that time we will establish what techniques spirit are trying to use with you and how you can best receive and utilise the downloads given to you from them. You will have 6 private readings, as well as 6 hours guidance with myself. Together we will discover your inner potential and I will help you to help yourself and to regain control of your life.



Invite 5 or more of your friends to join us for a fun, interactive and insightful evening. Each guest will have cards in a sealed envelope that were specifically chosen for them before we even met! Together we will go through a Tarot journey understanding the message of your cards and what your spirit team are trying to tell you.

There will be vouchers for all of the guests for discounts on private readings and even Reiki sessions!

Only available on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. Dates go fast!


Dream interpretation sessions are usually done via email but can be one to one if you would prefer. They can be one off, a few sessions whenever you need a little help unpicking the message within your dreams or an ongoing dream guidance series of sessions. In these sessions I help you to understand what your dreams are trying to tell you. I help you to make a personal glossary of the signs and their meanings, especially with repetitive themes. I also like to help those people that say "I don't dream" to remember their dreams and reconnect to that part of themselves to allow the free flow of messages and guidance to come to them whilst they sleep.

For Sleep paralysis, lucid dreaming and night terrors please email me with the best description in the subject bar as I will deal with these more promptly and try to fit them in to my schedule where ever I can as soon as I can.

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