Dream Analysis


30 minute session

Phone call



When you book this session, first of all make sure to send me the details of your dream. Note down all things you remember or any significant people, objects, words, places etc and send them to me.

I will email you to touch base and see if there are any more details you may have missed out, Then this appointment is scheduled for me to put together your personalised dream interpretation and show you what your dream is trying to make you aware to help you in your waking life. I will put together a full analysis to help you move forward with known techniques to help with whatever your dream wanted you to embrace. In your dream reveal pack you will receive detailed interpretation for each significant symbol, along with a full run through of what each part of your dream meant

If you would like, we can then schedule a free phone call or video call to go over anything in your dream analysis and I can offer further advice on this if needed.

I can't wait to get to work!

Sending you an abundance of love and light.

Spiritual Mamma



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