Hello spiritual entrepreneurs!

1 - Who are you?

I'm so excited for you and your new venture and if, like me, you struggle to brand yourself when you are the product - I feel you! For a year I went by a generic name 'see the spirit signs'. Which would have been a great name! It just didn't sit right with the plans I had for my businesses future. So I meditated and I asked...and nothing! Now I'm not saying nothing was offered to me, but being the stubborn person I am if I wasn't offered a name with logo on a plate I wasn't really listening.

After a few months of that niggling inside of me I went for a drive - which is when I tend to have really profound thoughts (as well as the moment in bed just before I want to drift off to sleep!) - I did my usual thing that you may well know about which was videoing journalling - which is basically talking to myself until a conversation flows between me and, well, me. As I was chatting away I began to think nothing more than; who am I? Yes I'm me, a mum, wife, daughter, sister, friend and the spiritual side of me is something that makes me feel so complete and happy but there are times when spiritual goes out the window and my emotional overdrive kicks in and all sense or thought of being calm goes out of the window - when my children are hurt or in pain or driving me nuts!

One side of me is professional, spiritual and very good at helping people in their own lives but when it comes to my kids I can't take my own advice - at first anyway - I have had to learn when to take my Mamma hat off and listen to my spiritual sense to deal with a problem with the children effectively. So the two sides to me is what makes me who I am - Spiritual Mamma!

So try to think of your journey, your life up until this point. What have been defining moments to make you the spiritual entrepreneur you are today? Is the first name that pops in to your head the brand name for you?

Who are you wanting to serve?

Even as a light worker it's ok to wear different hats in life and business - for example I know what clientele I can expect using the brand name 'Spiritual Mamma'. But I also use my name for my business advice services. I offer the same thing, I just sell it in a different way for a different audience. The people who love spiritual mamma love knowing the mystical, magical ways I work, the people who just want professional results seek out my professional name.

So as well as making your business name something catchy for everyday people that may need your services, think of a corporate option too. If you're a reiki healer that people come to to heal chronic pain and relax then something soft and sensual is the way. But don't rule out the corporate companies that may be interested in taking up your services to keep their employees happy and healthy...

3 - Simplicity

If you have seen my Spiritual Mamma logo you will see it's simple...if you look at my professional logo - you will see it's exactly the same! The more simple the logo, the more mutable your business. Because in all areas of business people remember logos they see repetitively, so if you are choosing to open yourself up to both individuals and corporate clients then have a logic that looks the same, but different. Sure my corporate companies know about spiritual mamma but they get results and they can show their board members something that looks professional and targeted for them.

4 - Everyday Marketing Techniques - make it catchy

Making it memorable and something people remember and easily recommend is key to growing your brand. If someone struggles to pronounce your company/brand name then may be you could have a catchy abbreviated version for branding.

5 - Trust Your Spiritual Magical Powers

As a spiritual person you will no doubt know the power of our magical universe! Trust that your perfect audience and dream clients will find their way to you as soon as you have a clear path of what your business is and what it offers. Let your intuition guide you when you hit a wall with any area of your business, including branding. Your spirit team and the universe really have got your back, and when you want to serve others from a loving space you will be guided to growth effortlessly