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Many people choose an email reading over a one to one reading for lots of different reasons. Firstly, they are often less expensive because there is no travelling involved and can sometimes be completed in less time than a one to reading. Secondly, they can be offered anywhere in the world from anywhere in the world, time differences don’t matter because the reader will usually ask for a couple of days to be able to complete the reading. Thirdly, the purchaser can access the Reading whenever they like and refer back to it as they wish.

What will the reader ask for?

The reader will usually ask for a name and date of birth, some psychics and/or mediums will ask for a photo of yourself to help them connect. Some psychics also use astrology and therefore can offer more in depth information about how or why a situation may be happening based upon your astrology data. You may like to provide the reader with a specific question, or area of focus, for example; “I would like to know about my relationship” or “will I get the promotion?”. If you do not provide a question or area for them to focus on then the reader will focus on whatever comes up for them and it may not be the area you wished you had more information about, but it will be whatever needs your focus at the time of reading

What should you be aware of?

The reader should not have to ask specific details about a situation. Using the examples above you should not need to give details of a recent argument you had with your partner, the reader should be able to puck up on any areas of tension or discord within your relationship. However, the reader may come back to you and ask what field of work you are currently in because their reading may feel conflicted because they see you getting promoted but don’t believe you’re in the right job. But you should always be vigilant because it is very easy for someone to actually lead a reading by giving too much information. On the other hand, if you are extremely closed off this can also be picked up by any good reader and all this does is hinder the psychic from reading your energy properly and you may end up with a relatively personal reading which asks you to be more open. Fortunately with Psychic email readings it’s a little easier for any good psychic to read your energy, because you are unlikely to be informed of the actual time the reading will take place and therefore will be going about your normal activities whilst the reading actually takes place.

How much does an email reading cost?

A reading with a good psychic can cost in the region of £30-£150. Lots of start-up psychics May offer to do smaller readings for £5 but it is worth noting you will likely get what you pay for with this and may be disappointed. A talented psychic/medium/astrologer or reader of any kind is well worth the investment as the insight and unbiased guidance they can provide when looking deeper in to your situation using their gifts is invaluable and can often be extremely eye opening. However when paying for email readings you can expect to pay a lesser fee and it is not unusual to have the offer of different word limits at varying prices. Again when choosing a “word limit” it pays to go middle of the road – too little words and you may not be able to get all the information you would like, but too many and you may find it too vague or repetitive, anywhere between 500-1500 words is a good range for value.

Sending and abundance of love and light to you beautiful soul.

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