Autumn Equinox

Today marks the official start of Autumn.

Today there is an equal balance of day and night, symbolicly reminding us that we too need a balance of action and rest. It also marks harvest, when we take stock of the fruits of our labour, ready for hibernation during the winter months.

Although I'm sure everyone has had enough hibernation this year due to the global pandemic, but in all honesty I don't believe 2020 was or is a write off. I understand many people have taken this view, but I would emplore you to look at everything you lost and gained.

I personally, happily lost the need to be busy. I spent many days before March 20th rushing around doing so many things and only when I burnt out would I be forced to stop. Since resuming some sort of normal, with the children back at school, I have been taking things much more in my stride. There feels less need to rush and more emphasis on slowing it all down. I am using my time more productively when the children are at school, as I can honestly say I took schooling for granted.I gained so much wisdom as I spent more time scrolling through my own history, understanding why things may have occured in my life and how I reacted to them instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media. (Although I have found a love for social media in a new way, by cleansing my Facebook and downloading Tiktok!!)

I truly believe the world needed to stop and take a breather. We all needed to see the importance of simply embodying the human being instead of the human doings we were morphing in to. It gave many people, including me, a chance to evaluate their lives, relationships, work/life balance, beliefs and desires. The beauty that came from the self destruction ashes when all hope was lost, and you still made it through. Of course this may very well not be the end, but this brief glimpse into normality shows us what needs changing in our day to day lives and what we cherish most.

My biggest tip for you right now as the uncertainty of "what next" looms over many, is don't feed the fear. Know that you were strong enough to get through phase one, which was always going to be the hardest challenge, and you can and will get through whatever comes next. Some things are not for us to know, like the multiple times I have been asked "What is coming?"  I'm sure, if I pulled some cards I could get a feel for it, but why would you want to know? Look at what happened when the world knew we would be going in to lockdown -  people stocked up on toilet rolls and tinned goods - not really the point of the gift of foresight. Sometimes, we have to realise although we are spiritual beings, living a human experience, that human part of us, that listens to the mass panic, even when desperately trying to seperate from it, is what sends us in to fight, flight or freeze mode. Your intuition and gut reactions to situations as and when they happen is what will guide you in the right direction, not having all the answers to all the questions and definately not scrolling through the internet for answers. Allow things to unfold, do your part to stay safe and keep others safe and know that you are doing the best you can in each moment.

Things to enhance your Autumn Equinox

  • Declutter - Clear out the kitchen cupboards and donate any unwanted items to local food banks. Sort through summer clothes that you no longer want and donate them. Really clear your space to allow cleansing energy to coarse through your home and uplift it ready for the winter months ahead. Even moving objects around or putting things away that you won't use throughout this period is a really good way of injecting fresh energy in to a space ready for the coming months where we will naturally stay home more.
  • Add bursts of Autumnal colours to your home - Oranges, reds and browns are really calming colours we get to enjoy in the Autumn, so making wreaths from things you find in the woods or on your journeys outdoors will really help to bring the outdoors, indoors.
  • Bake and Share - Baking can be therapeutic and when you feel good and bake, did you know you add an extra special ingredient in to your baked goods! The intentions of baking to uplift others actually passes through in to your food and is a great way to pass on positive energy! So get baking and get sharing! Why not add some cinnamon or pumpkin spice!
  • Harvest your phone - We download so many apps and take a zillion photos, but we forget to declutter this from time to time! Set aside some time to go through your photos and use one of the many online and inexpensive services to print your favourite photos off and update the ones around your home. Even better, a great way to ease the hibernation blues some people suffer with in the winter months is adding collages of recent photos to have happy memories to look back on.
  • Light some candles - Different coloured candles have been known to have different magikal effects - white candles are purifying, purple candles are great for empowering and enhancing psychic and intuitive gifts, orange candles are perfect for creativity! Get experimenting, and if you are feeling particularly ambitious, make some of your own to enjoy

Wishing you an abundant harvest and peaceful Autumn season,

Brightest Blessings, love and light