Hello friend,

I am Spiritual Mamma! I'm from a small town in the UK. I have lived and grown up in the same town all my life and I love it here! I am happily married to my knight in shining armour who helped rescue me at my lowest point fifteen years ago. Together we have grown our family and I am now a proud mamma to four incredible children ; my fifteen year old daughter and my three sons aged thirteen, ten and six and my eigthteen year old stepdaughter. We have a very hectic schedule managing work, the children, the pets and our own lives but I wouldn't have it any other way. No two days are the same and if I'm honest one of my favourite things to do is have a duvet day with the kids playing cards and watching a good DVD!(Although having written that it feels like a long time since we last did that!)

My spiritual journey has been a lifelong desire to find myself, to feel like I "fit in" or that I mattered, unfortunately along that path of self discovery I had to fall apart quite a lot and go through some really tough times. I am now at a pretty good place with myself and learn to love myself more each day, which is made easier by the way my husband and children show me how they love, trust and respect me and my feelings, as I do them.

I would say I grew up talking to "myself" and nature, never really understanding or caring to try to understand anything beyond what I could see with my eyes and touch with my hands but I have always felt drawn to the unknown. I, like many others have had "strange" encounters along the way but always tried to attach logic or sometimes even fear to it until I met a lady who had a unquestionable gift for connecting with spirits.

Even when I was friends with this lovely lady I still found myself quite a sceptic, however I could never find a logical explanation for her truly remarkable gift...anyway fast forward some years and it was this same lady who introduced me to my spiritual mentor and it was then that the penny dropped. I realised I had always been connected to my guides (as we all are) and loved ones in spirit, I just had the volume turned down and my senses dulled.

I have since learnt how to turn that volume up! With the help of my mentor, my spiritual development group, my guides and loved onesĀ  I have become a messenger for those in spirit that want to connect with their loved ones and I enjoy showing people how they too can connect with their loved ones themselves and be guided by their very own spirit team.

I have to say this is my dream job!! I would never have thought that growing up, I wouldn't have even thought that ten years ago! But here I am, a very proud Spiritual Mamma!

Love and Light to you all
xo B xo