You're Already Ready

It suddenly dawned on me today as I did my usual routine of connecting with my spirit guides and loved ones in order to help guide and ground me in the best way possible for the day ahead, that many of us put off starting something or fully committing to a project because of conditioning. We have been conditioned to think that is you don't get a grade or graduate from a widely accepted University then we are not able to be much more than we have settled for currently.

This is something I for one have struggled with and I know many other people do too. I spent years wondering why I had such horrific experiences that appeared to stop me from wanting to progress, and wanting to trust that my lessons through experience, as well as information I have picked up in my own self-teaching is enough to help others because it doesn't come with letters after my name. But the experiences I have had, the valuable information I have sought out in order to learn more about my natural skills and improve them is enough! It is for me, and it is for you.

The proof I had was yesterday. I picked my son up from school and as his teacher ushered him towards me she said "He has had a really great day today, he did an excellent drawing and should be really proud!" As I asked my son about it, he said "It was the best day Mummy, and when I get home I am going to draw lots of pictures!" If we take this example did I say to my son "Nope sorry son, you have to keep practicing and sit a formal exam before you're ready for that!" ???

No I didn't, I encouraged his excitement and was thrilled at the drawings he happily produced. Some things in life we are naturally qualified for. We don't have to sit an exam for walking, it is a natural ability. Our life experiences are the same. They are the lessons we have with no formal exam at the end, because there is no right or wrong way to deal with them. But we learn and grow each time we take one. We will never score 100% in any test for how we handled a situation, but we can feel the same pride for an experience we feel we dealt with in the best way possible as a child does drawing their own little masterpiece.

Sometimes in life we have to give ourselves the 'well done' sticker and the honest (but not overly harsh) self-assessment in order to know if we are ready to share what we have learnt with others that need assistance or guidance in a similar situation.

You have stories to share. You have lessons you have learnt and you are ready to make a start. Today!