Take Your Time Back

During this time of uncertainty and upheaval to every aspect of your life that you felt made you who you are; Your daily routine, your family activities, your freedom it's time you took back control. You are able to spend this time deveolping your spiritual practices and enhancing and adding to your spiritual skillset, sharpen your intuition, understand your inner child or commit to some sort of mindfulness practice. I'm not saying do all of these things, but I am saying do some.

I know life feels more hectic now than ever, but I promise if you commit to adding these few practices to your daily routine, it will help your days feel easier rather than adding another to-do to your list.


Take the fun things you enjoy and make them a top priority...ok you can't exactly go scuba diving or even clothes shopping right now, but take the spiritual practices you enjoy most and make them a priority. This is not about making your spiritual practice a chore, this is about prioritisng your self.

The importance of this landed on my lap last night. I was getting ready to watch a film with the three teenagers in the household and my husband, and I had completed my gratitude list for the day and as I sat there I found myself deep in thought of the things I took for granted before this lockdown. The thing that stood out to me most was "me time". I never realised how refreshing and energising taking a little time to myself each day helped my mental health. Even the drive to the supermarket used to be thinking, quiet time for me. Now it had become a race to get there and back as quick as possible thinking about what the most important items on our list were for our weeks meals.

Many people say to me "I don't have time". I understand how you may think that. Hell, I feel like that everyday. But I'm here to be a little blunt with you as I had to be with myself and say - YOU DO!

Next time you scroll through social media and get caught up reading post after post and then the little train of clicks or research that comes after that little "check Facebook" moment - time yourself. Naturally, without consciously rushing, just time yourself. Each each time you open the app, each day time yourself.

I am not against social media in anyway and this is not a "social media is a waste of time" post at all! In fact I think social media is what is going to get many many people, myself included, through this difficult time. That ability to connect with anyone, anywhere is going to be a vital lifeline to some.

This is about seeing all the gaps of time you think you don't have and realising there is time for you in each day. Even if it's going to bed thirty minutes earlier to meditate or journal - I have literally been using my toilet breaks for square breathing and EFT. There is more time in a day than we think. We just need to learn to use it wisely.


When routine feels ruined it's easy to let old habits creep in as a sub conscious security blanket. But remember you broke old habits for a reason. Sleep patterns can be one of the first to go! I know, because I did this too for the first two weeks! But then I remembered how good it feels when I wake up refreshed from a good night's sleep ready to take on the day ahead.

Put that film on earlier. Start your unwind routine earlier, even if you just make it half an hour earlier for a few days and then an hour earlier. I promise you that once you are sleeping better you will feel better.

I have had countless messages from people suffering from anxiety, either recurring or for the first time a completely new sensation to them. Or people that are unable to sleep because of the thoughts and fears racing through their head - which as we all know likes to ramp up at bedtime - so if this is you, go to bed a little earlier and allow yourself time to journal. If you're not much in to writing then just note down your thoughts and feelings. It doesn't have to be an essay, the aim is to be able to let the thoughts flow through you and out on to an external format. You could even voice record your journal if you prefer.

SIDE NOTE - If you find yourself waking anxiously in your sleep, journal your thoughts/dream briefly then leave it until the morning. As you may know I am a Dream interpretor and I know that dreams are powerful tools to help us in our waking life. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE interpreting your dreams so tag me in posts about your dreams or email me and I will be happy to help!

COMING SOON!! - One of the best features I am adding to the paid membership area is you will get 1 monthly full dream interpretation FREE for as long as you are subscribed! A Dream interpretation session is where I interpret your dream and all of it's aspects and then put together a plan for you to help you move through an emotionally upsetting situation or give you tasks to explore the inner expressionist that's trying to show itself, or whatever your dreams are I will make a plan for you to take advantage of what your spirit is trying to tell you when you're asleep! So please do take advantage of this when the membership area is up and running!


Now this one I have to be honest I am not great with! I am not particualarly a healthy eater, but I do try my best. I eat chocolate, I drink fizzy drinks, but I also believe that if we can moderate what we put in our bodies we will be guided to fuel it better. So the simple steps of limiting the amount of chocolate or crisps you eat will make you feel better. From there you will notice the difference and begin to choose to eat chocolate on only certan days of the week if at all.

For me, someone who likes traditional meals that are nowadays seen as not the healthiest option, I have realised that if I give my body the fuel it needs and I enjoy the taste, then I find I get the best of both worlds. I eat the cottage pie, I just don't go in for seconds. I eat the roast potatoes, after I have filled up on all the brocolli on my plate (pick a veg you like). Some days I do feel inspired to try new healthier recipes and I enjoy them, but I don't pressure myself to go against what works best for me and my family. Especially right now, trying to restrict yourself too much whilst we are already feeling restriciotns all around us will make this a pressure cooker for anxiety and rebound. So be kind to yourself. Don't eat to lose weight, eat to fuel your body.

If like me in the past, turn to food as a comfort, then try journalling your thoughts or feelings before you open that giant bar of chocolate or share bag of crisps. Once you have expressed your feelings then choose to eat the chocolate because you will enjoy the taste. You will realise you will NEED less of it and enjoy it more by not over indulging.


We often feel like we have to be everything to everyone, especially when the world is so unusual right now. So be undertsanding of that! Give yourself a break. You don't have to have all the answers, nor do you have to have a set routine each day. Allow yourself time to grow, evolve, and learn through this experience. Making sure your loved ones feel safe and loved in whatever way you can right now is all you need to do for them. Take care of you and the rest will feel easier!

Sending you an abundance of love and light as always.

Spiritual Mamma